Founding Farmers

This isn’t just my favorite restaurant (anywhere) but a true full dinning experience.

After being tweeted, a meeting at The Washingtonian Best Of Party, & an invitation, I ventured with Nom Nom Boris (and Nomster, of course) for a dinner and kitchen tour at Founding Farmers. The tweet is proof that I had high expectations that I didn’t think would be met.

Boy, I was wrong.  



Name: Founding Farmers

Locations: Washington D.C.: (Foggy Bottom & Georgetown (COMING FALL 2012)), & Park Potomac, MD

Prices: Cocktails btw $10-$15, Appetizers btw $7-$10, Entrees (leftovers guaranteed) btw $15-$30, Dessert: $3-$10.

Menu: Here


So 1st, they are a different kind of restaurant. They get their food completely organic form farmers across the country, go the extra mile to use practices/ingrediants that are environmentally friendly, & I swear you can taste the difference. More about their mantra here.

I found out about this because our delightful (yes, absolutely delightful) waitstaff made sure we were familiar with their traditions, gave us suggestions on drinks and food, & were completely knowledgeable about anything in the restaurant (including the architecture and design).


So the dinner began:


1st: Cocktails

As many of you know, I don’t usually drink. After our waitress insisted I try a hand-crafted cocktail and gave me suggestions based on the 3 (yes, only 3) drinks I’ve liked in the past, I went for it.

The Classic Cobbler made with Rum was my 4th: Rum, muddled lemon, orange, pineapple, lime wheel, malbec and seasonal fruit

A perfect balance of alcohol to the other flavors which were unlike anything I’ve tasted in a drink before. And it was even served in the shaker it was made in garnished with fresh organic fruit. 6/5


2nd: Appetizers

The Bacon Lollis: Cinnamon-Brown Sugar Glazed Thick-Cut Bacon

  • Usually not a bacon dish guy, but I gave these a shot at the Washingtonian: Best Of Party. I thought they were good, not delectable though. Boris insisted that we order them in-house though.

Holy Bacon!

  • These strips of bacon coated in cinnamon & sugar were tender and the perfect balance between sweet and salty without the bacon flavor being overpowering. Literally they got better with each and every bite. 6/5

Oven-Roasted Cracked Black Pepper Wings: Black Pepper-Soy Glaze

  • Simply delectable with a crunchy skin. Also enjoyed the unique flavor, but thought the lime included really made a difference when squeezed over it.  4/5


Break from Eating with a Kitchen Tour

I couldn’t believe how small their kitchen is. Literally each dish has maybe a 3 square foot counter space to be prepared in. So know that those chefs and food preparers are working hard in cramped corridors to get you your delicious food.


3rd: Main Course

Ready in maybe 15 minutes after you order (unreal, I know).

Herb Crusted Prime Rib:10 oz. or 14 oz., Horseradish Cream, Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Choice of One Side (Asparagus Salad for me)

The best slab (yes, slab) of meat I’ve ever tasted.

  • I got the smaller of the two sizes (10oz) and was shocked when they brought it out. Thick, juicy, and ginormous! It also came with a side of Mac & Cheese (which I was dying to try) and an Asparagus Salad. The flavors were incredible, the meat was perfectly tender, the Mac & Cheese was phenomenally creamy, and the Asparagus side salad did not make it home with the leftovers. And such a hearty course was $24. In DC, that’s a freakin steal! 6/5


4th Dessert:

Neither Boris or I had room for dessert, but they insisted and we took the bait.

Uncle Buck’s Beignets: Raspberry Coulis, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Sauce, Caramel Sauce

  • Made fresh (and take about 20mins). An order comes with about 6, 2 inch beignet balls that are steaming right out of the oven. They also come with caramel, chocolate, and raspberry sauces to dip them in. Having been to Cafe Du Monte in NOLA, I was doubtful, but Founding Farmers rendition satisfies. 4/5

Flavor of the Season House-Churned Fresh Ice Cream: Dulce De Leche

  • This was beautifully sweet and a slight hint of Caramel and bits of chocolate. I enjoyed it, but did not find it irresistible like the Cocktail, Bacon Lollis, and Prime Rib. 3/5



  • My brain clicked, and I ripped open a steaming Beignet, took a spoon of the ice cream and put it inside, and then drizzled caramel on top.

  • Sorry, that pause was my mind failing to process how good that flavor combination was. Irresistible. 6/5

Afterwards (when we couldn’t move) our waitress handed me a postcard with a picture of their bar on it saying she hoped it served as a reminder of their cocktails and to bring someone back for one.


So I did.


One of my best friends, (Beth), came to visit/celebrate her birthday, and I knew I had to take her to a birthday dinner here. We were greeted with the same great service, same great food, & Beth even got a personalized post card wishing her a happy birthday.

Some additions to my Founding Farmers 6/5 list:

Cocktail: Pain Killer (off menu): Rum, coconut milk, lime juice, and a few other tropic blends.

Entree: Chicken Pot Pie: Made with bread on top and served in a porcelain dish instead of a pie crust. This was actually better than a traditional pot pie. Completely savory and irresistible.


Beth said it was the best dinner she’s ever had. =v)


My new favorite restaurant of all time & special thanks to Jennifer and Amy for the exceptional experiences both times.

I will be back.



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