The Parting Post

Revisiting the DC To Do List, Finances, Where I Am Going,

and bringing the adventure of an unforgettable summer to a close.

All said and done, it’s time to reflect on where I started & where I am going. Starting with…




1. My 1st post!Ryan Burdick’s ‘DC To Do List.'”

Here is the well worn D.C. To Do List.


  • Green is what I accomplished.
  • Red is what I didn’t (but tried or thought about).


  • Not accomplished or added.

And as I predicted, it was too much to do in a summer, but I was surprised by how much was added on from the original (especially at the bottom).

If you need ideas for what to do, I’m happy to help you out.


2. Finances

When planning for this internship, I tried to find resources online that would tell me how much I needed.

I couldn’t find any!

So here’s finances for cost of things once arriving in DC (from June 1st-August 12th 2012):

  • Housing: $2200
    • I paid $2000 (and am still waiting on my security deposit to be returned) for a room in Capitol Hill NE for 2 & 1/2 months.
  • Necessities: $1000
    • Includes items, grocery shopping, sunscreen.
  • Transportation: $350
    • Metro ain’t cheap, people! Usually I spent about $130 a month on getting to/from work, and that’s with a SmarTrip Card!
    • Ryan Rec: Bike when possible to cut down transportation costs.
  • Fun/Personal: $500
    • Full Disclosure: this would be A LOT more if I drank at every bar/club/restaurant I went to.
      • If expecting to buy booze, factor in $8 a drink per social watering hole.

Cost Estimate: About $4000

3. Where I’m At & Where I’m Going

Ryan, you aren’t in DC anymore? What’s going to happen to whatsaninterntodo? AHHHHHHH?

  • I’ve moved back to Ann Arbor, Michigan to finish my last year at the University of Michigan and graduate in May 2013.
  • whatsaninterntodowill remain online (as intended) to help current/future interns plan their experiences in DC, locals to be inspired to explore new things & remain as a testament  to the best summer I’ve ever had.
  • AH? Yes!
    • I know it is not “if” I will return to DC, it’s only “when.”
    • I plan to blog in the future (and will add a post when that time comes).
    • I will continue to leave a life of Adventure with a capitol A!


Always feel free to comment or contact me through this blog (I do get email notifications every time someone comments) about any of my adventures or advice.


Otherwise, I guess this is Ryan Burdick signing off.


The adventure concludes




…for now =v9

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