Best of DC: Best of Summer 2012

A post dedicated to my favorite experiences of a summer in the District and why they made the list. 

10. DC Parks

  • Every weekend I went to/thru a park at least 3 times, and my word cloud on the bottom left has “park” bigger than most categories. And if you’ve been following, you know I have my favorites. Click DC Parks above to see that post.


9. Tommy Wiseau at E Street Midnight Madness of The Room

  • 1 of my favorite movies, accompanied by 1 of my favorite people, for THE BEST screening of my movie imaginable. E Street Cinema, bravo.


8. Blogging

  • Really felt connected to my little intern blog which became a place for many locals to get ideas for things to do in DC, interns to generate weekend plans, and a place for my family to keep up on my adventures.
    • Thanks to all my fans, supporters, and contributors for making the best summer I’ve ever had.
  • Favorite Post: Best of DC: Cupcakes
  • And yes, I have plans to blog again in the future.


7. Capital Pride Weekend (June 7th-10th 2012)

  • 1st Pride Celebration I’ve ever attended, 1st Mixtape (my favorite dance party), and dancing 3 nights in a row gave me a warm welcome to the LGBTQ community in DC.


6. Beth’s Bday/Steve’s Last Hurrah Weekend 

  • Epic celebration including my favorite bars/clubs, food & friends. I will remember this as the Best Weekend of the Summer of 2012.



5. DC People: Especially Boris, Jamie, & Dejay

  • I swear people in DC are more kind, talkative, & willing to help you out compared to the Mid-West. And these 3 locals reallywent out of their ways to help me.
    • Boris: Appearing often as Nom Nom Boris in almost every weekly venture, he not only showed me the best places to eat, but introduced me to his life in DC. He easily became my Best Friend in DC, and I will miss him dearly.
      • Fav. Highlight: Washingtonian Best Of Party


    • Jamie: A “veteran” of DC that may be old in age but young at heart. He went out of his way to teach  me about the gay culture and social scene in DC taking me to places I would have never heard of otherwise. He’s definitely 1 of the most fascinating people I have ever met & someone that will always come to mind when I think of adventure.
      • Fav. Highlight: Venturing to Ziegfeld’s/Secrets on a Thursday night


    • Deejay: From the moment I met this handsome gentlemen, I knew he would be inspiring. He has a great social life, and very gratiously kept me in the loop on all the happenings in the District.


4. Internship at Discovery Communications

  • The whole reason I moved to the DMV in the 1st place proved to be what I really want to do after I graduate in May 2013.
  • Great company, great co-workers, unbelievable benefits.
    • Yes, I hope to return to DC Summer 2013, get a job with Discovery, and keep blogging.


3. Founding Farmers


2. Washingtonian Best Of Party 2012:

  • The best Dinner I’ve ever had.



1. Biking DC

  • Includes Bike Bar/Club Hopping, Riding to & thru Parks, the Streets after watching the 4th of July Fireworks,  Biking the Monuments at Night, and flying between neighborhoods on 2 wheels.
  • NOTHING beats the feeling of flying down Capitol Hill and passing in the middle of Pennsylvania Ave at 2AM.
  • Every single 1 of my weekly ventures including biking (in some capacity) making it the foundation of my experience.  Biking DC cannot be denied to be my number 1.



Summer 2012 will never be forgotten, and I look forward to a triumphant return to Washington, DC.

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