Best of DC: Nightlife

Where I’m at to dance, where you’re at to drink, and where we’re all at to meet people in DC. 

Full disclosure, this post is typed towards:

  • Dancing: My favorite Nightlife usually includes dancing.
  • Don’t Drink Often: I’m not a drinker, so cheap drink to get you wasted isn’t what I’m looking for
  • The Rainbow Persuasion: [SPOILER] I’m a Gay Guy. And I like to have a Gay ‘Ol Time.

but that doesn’t mean I don’t like variety. I actually CRAVE it.



The following list is my favorite Nightlife spots in DC:


9. Atlas Arcade:  A unique establishment to get your video game fix!

Neighborhood: H Street Cooridoor

Offers: Bar/Arcade

Review: Yelp

  • Brand new, they have my favorite game (Donkey Kong) for a quarter a game, and the staff ROCKS! Plus, DC is missing arcades.


8. Little Miss Whiskeys: Innovative bar with NOLA charm that has real character.

Neighborhood: H Street Cooridoor

Offers: Alcohol Tastings, Bar, DJs, & Backyard Porch

Review: Yelp

  • I approve of the alcohol tasting events, the glass door that contains the noise from upstairs to downstairs, & the unique space/atmosphere.


7. Green Lantern: Shirtless drinking!

Neighborhood: Downtown (Thomas Circle)

Offers: Bar, Shirtless Drinking, Small Space for Dancing

Review: Yelp

  • The most friendly bartenders in town & as Dejay said so eloquently about Shirtless Thursdays, “It is a spectacle to behold.”


6. Nellies: Yes, I am Nellie Enuf.

Neighborhood: U Street

Offers: Bar, Rooftop

Review: Yelp

  • Simply love their atmosphere, rooftop & the music they constantly blast throughout.


5. Tryst:  “I think of this as a drink place.”

Neighborhood: Adams Morgan

Offers: Bar, Coffee, Food, Couches

Review: Yelp

  • I LOVE the fact that this place is a bar & has espresso/coffee drinks as well. But as someone I once talked to at the bar said, “I don’t think of this as a bar, a coffee shop, or a restaurant. I think of this as a drink place.” Plus, candlelight never looks bad.


4. Banana Cafe: Mojitos & a Crazy Man Playing Piano

Neighborhood: Barrack’s Row

Offers: Bar, Live Piano Music, Food

Review: Yelp

  • It’s a piano bar that serves drinks I actually enjoy at cheaper than most other bars. I’m sold!


3. Number Nine: Classy.

Neighborhood: 14th Street

Offers: Bar

Review: Yelp

  • Yes, I love plopping a squat at the oversized booths, enjoy the background music, and my friends attest to the quality of their drinks.


2. Cobalt: The gay dance mansion.

Neighborhood: DuPont Circle

Offers: Bar/Dancing/Live Entertainment

Review: Yelp

  • Love the age group (21-30 gay men), the music, and the space. Also has little performances upstairs in “the attic.” Favorite place to meet other people.


1. Town: the all encompassing “gay night out.”

Neighborhood: U Street

Offers: Bar, Drag Show, Dancing, Events

Review: Yelp

  • This is the show stopper of any weekend. Go on a Saturday night before 11PM and you get drinks, a stellar drag show, 2 floors of dancing, and sometimes a special event for $8. My favorite night spot in DC.



What other social watering holes make your list? Let me know down below.

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