The Last Supper

My last weekend in DC, and I need to get my final fill to last until next time. 

The Plan

I’m leaving Sunday, but have an appetite that needs to be satisfied in 3 ways:

1st: Tourist/Visitors

  • As you have probably seen, I love having guests. So I have my relatives (The Scallys) venturing the DC for their 1st times as tourists & my Aunt & Uncle ( Jen & Rob) returning to DC as visitors.

2nd: A Last Supper-Literally!

  • Christine, relative of Jen, fan of my blog, and fellow blogger herself, has invited us all to a final DC Dinner Party. I look forward to meeting with her (you!) and reminiscing about my adventures.

3rd: A Last Supper-Figuratively

  • I need to get my fill before I head out. This will probably include doing something in the Nightlife department Saturday night, hanging with Nom Nom Boris a final time (for now), & doing 1 last bike blitz through the city.

What They Want To Do:

Scallys: See the White House & National Mall, Old Post Office Pavilion Tower Tour, Tour the Capitol, see Dark Knight Rises at the Lockheed IMAX, See the Smithsonians, and Ford’s Theater.

Rob & Jen: Visitors up for adventure, but Jen shares a Cupcake Weakness with me. This will only lead to trouble.

We’ll see if they get what they want. =v)


The Execution

Rob & Jen are a mobile media center, so I thought their pictures could speak for me.

3 thoughts on “The Last Supper

  1. We made the blog? LET THE PIGEONS LOOSE! Much like “An American Band”, we’re comin’ to your town. We fully intend to help you party down.

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