Beth & Best Of



My last full weekend in DC and 1 of my best friends (Beth) visits from Michigan to experience the highlights of the summer.



The Single Most Memorable weekend filled with bar hopping, dancing, and eating Nutella Vanilla Wafer Sandwiches off the back of the Lincoln Memorial at night.


Beth, a best friend, fellow traveler & one of the people I have found to have the most in common with has come to see DC for her 1st time, experience the night life, and celebrate her birthday.

This calls for an astronomical amount of potentials for the weekend that is a strange mix of celebration & doing my personal “Best Of” DC.

List of Potentials:

It’ll be a memorable weekend for both me and Beth.

The Execution

A last hurrah for Steve, different kind of birthday for Beth, & a weekend I will never forget.

Lets organize this into some categories:

  • Tourist/Visitor:
    • Using the Capital Bike Share, Beth was able to bike PA Ave, Georgetown, Eastern Market, & the monuments at night.
      • Price: $15 for 3 days to the minute you rent it from
      • Cheapo Tip: First 1/2 hr is included in the $15 sign up fee, so I set a timer to go off every 25 mins. We simply found another bike share station in 5 minutes, checked it back in/out, & got the bike for no additional cost. Every Penny Counts!
    • Museum of Natural History: 1 if not the best Smithsonian.
      • Buterfly Pavilian: $6 and well worth it!
      • Cheapo Tip: Tuesdays are FREE!
    • Eastern Market for Market Crepes: Beth didn’t know how to handle it, and I got a few more recommendations on flavors, and shopping done.
      • Vendor Special Mention: Sharp Shirter for unique designs of animals and violence.
    • Monuments by Night
      • Beth says they’re more powerful at night, I have to agree.
    • Renwick Gallery: For the 40 Under 40 exhibit.
      • Worth the stop and FREE! admission

Bday Celebration:

How’d Beth Celebrate her birthday? With a weekend of drinking, dancing, & dinning in DC!

  • Night 1: Intro to DC Gay nightlife
  • Night 2: A continuation w/ the Lesbians
    • Mova, Banana Cafe, Phase 1
      • Boris and I LOVED Phase 1, plus there was a 80s Dance Party going down. SO MUCH FUN!
  • Night 3: Combine the 2
  • Night 3: The Main Event!
    • Dinner at Founding Farmers, Cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake, Monuments by Night, & Nutella Vanilla Waffer sandwiches behind the Lincoln Memorial while watching planes descend towards DCA.
      • PS: These 3 are great date ideas. =v)


And this worked double for Steve who joined us for a last hurrah of DC for the summer. Steve had never been to Town, and can’t believe he had never gone all summer.


Lesson Learned: GO TO TOWN!


Steve, I already miss you, Beth, come visit anytime, we still need to hit up Ted’s Bulletin, the National Zoo, The Sweet Lobby, & much more!


The adventure ends…next weekend. =v(


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