Mo’ Midnights, Mo’ Family


Already I’ve found a secret door at the O Street Mansion, attended a fashion show & got sprayed by a fog gun at Lima & my family hasn’t even arrived for the weekend yet!


Touring the White HouseTommy Wiseau hosts The Room at E Street Cinema Midnight MadnessThe Dark Knight Rises, and the Burdicks have yet another family vacation.


What’s going down in DC?

1) The Opening Ceremony for the Olympics

  • Check out Going Out Gurus for where to watch it, even though I’ll be watching it with Steve at a dinner party hosted by my new friends Susan and Bob.


2) Touring the White House

How did you swing that?

  • It’s FREE! You just need to apply at least 3 months in advanced of your trip via your Senator or Representative’s Website.
  • Have your SS# ready (they’ll need it for a background check)
  • Be patient
  • And then you’ll get an email saying your tour time. Woot! (Too back no cameras are allowed).

3) Tommy Wiseau hosts The Room at E Street Cinema Midnight Madness

  • Saturday my life will become that much more unbelievable.

4) My parents and other two siblings (Krista & Alex) will be joining me for a “Best of” weekend between Tourist & Visitor.

Should be a fun filled weekend with LOTS of unexpected surprises. It is a Burdick Family Vacation…


The Execution

Expected the unexpected and was fine with that.

Tommy’s already planning another screening summer 2013.


  • The Burdick Family List: What the Burdicks like to do in DC



The adventure continues…next week.

2 thoughts on “Mo’ Midnights, Mo’ Family

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