Capitol Hill Part II: H Street


“H” stand for Hip (sters) & Happenin.’


…and “How have I not hit up H Street until now?”

The Plan

To complete my Capitol Hill experience, I’m heading NE to the other half of the social scene: H Street.

The list of potentials:

Nom Nom Boris will be joining me this Saturday night, but I’m also expecting a few fun side ventures:

I’m expecting the unexpected, and per usual the results will soon surface.

The Execution

 Old Town

  • Mount Vernon Trail: awesome trail that includes feeling like planes landing at Ronald Reagan are going to smack you in the head and zipping past little bays. Very bike heavy, but more runners towards Old Town as well.
  • Occasionally Cake’s Free Cupcake Day: Check.
  • Hollensbury Spite House (on right): 2 blocks away from King St, and well worth the trip. Here’s the history lifted from the wiki article on a “Spite House” and also an episode of Small Space, Big Style on it.


H Street

I personally wouldn’t call this the hipster part of town, but there is definitely vibes of trendiness, counter culture & ware and tare vs. clean and new.

  • Pros: New food, bars, and music constantly opening/changing. Interesting people. Unique experiences.
  • Cons: Disconnected from the “rest of the city” (especially with the street trolly not up and running) and not many people over the age of 30.

But after my friends Kristen, Steve, &  Nom Nom Boris joined me for the adventure, I had to ask why I hadn’t been here yet.

  • Little Miss Whiskey’s: Unique! My favorite bar on H Street because of the New Orleans decor, “sound separating door” for upstairs, dancing, and the regular alcohol tastings they host.
    • ex: Wednesday Whiskey Tasting Night with maybe 50 others. We got to try 4 types of whiskies, and sampled two Crunkcakes cupcakes.
    • Personal Tastes: not a fan of Whiskey, but the Crunkcakes had the perfect centers!

Yes, the Best of DC: Cupcakes post will be full of little surprises.

  • Atlas Arcade: Golden Axe ($.50), Donkey Kong ($0.25), Foosball (FREE!)… & they only plan on adding more arcade machines. Can’t wait to see where this place is going.

Liking on Facebook…now.

  • Dangerously Delicious Pies: Dangerous, for sure (especially the chocolate pecan). And as Steve said so well, “where else can you get pie with a shot of Jameson?”
  • Ethiopic: “So that pan sized platter, that heap of lamb & that extra bread are all for me?” Yes, I will be savoring these leftovers for another meal (or 2).

And of Course, in my life there is always…

The Unexpected Section

  • Aaron (my 2nd Cousin) took me to the 7/20/12 Nationals Game of Nats VS. Braves.
    •  LOVED Nationals Park
    • Learned the “W” logo I saw everywhere in Capitol Hill SE was NOT Walgreens having a monopoly on everything.
  • Jamie (yet again) flexes his local knowledge and introduces me to Bier Barron & Omega. If (when) I move back to DC, I would (am going to) make a “Jamie’s Recs” section. He’s so knowledgeable about the what’s what in DC.
  • My cable that controls my gearshift on my bike broke so I wasn’t able to make it to the Water Lily Festival. #Ryanfail
  • It hit: I ONLY HAVE 3 WEEKS LEFT IN DC! Which will be filled with visitors, so this will be my last “Weekly Venture” that explores a new neighborhood. =v(
    • Meaning: “Weekly Ventures” will be posted, but won’t be driven by neighborhood. They will be driven by my next 3 groups of vistors.

Jen, you’ve almost made it. 

      • Bad News: You’ll be seeing some repeat ventures.
      • Good News: the next 3 “Weekly Venture” posts will culminate into a “Best of DC: Tourist, Visitor, and those In-Between.”

Despite the slight change, the adventure continues…next week.

3 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Part II: H Street

  1. Ryan, I love your panorama of the Library of Congress and am so glad you were able to get there. If you do your adventure at Dumbarton Oaks, I definitely want to be part!

  2. It was great to hang out with you!!! I just love Atlas Arcade Bar. That was so much fun to play Golden Axe and Donkey Kong. I just saw on their Facebook that they are getting some additional machines they are planing to restore. I think its double awesome that they restore those arcade machines themselves and not just buy new. Shows their dedication! Did you try bacon cupcake from Crunkcakes? Oh no! I’m so sad you only have 3 weeks left 😥

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