Visitor, NOT Tourist


Been to the National History Smithsonian, seen the monuments, so I’m done with DC.

I beg to differ.


Runs, Eastern Market Crepes, and Meridian Hill Drum Circle.

The Plan

My sister (Lauren) has been to DC a few times and has graduated from Tourist to Vistor. When I invited her to come visit, she said “she’d already done DC,” so what was the point in visiting?


There are plenty of things to take your visitor to if they want a different experience.

  1. Figure out what they liked of their 1st experience, and make it more personalized.
    • For instance: Lauren did like some of the museums, so we’re planning on hitting some of the lesser visited ones like the Postal Museum & The Hirsshorn.
  2. Nightlife
  3. Food
    • I don’t care if you’ve gotthe inside scoop, the DC Food scene is extensive and takes more than a few visits (or even a whole summer) to try everything. Since Lauren loves Soul Food & Cheap Eats, I plan to visit a few places with her and introduce her to DC Food Trucks.
  4. Events
    • When you’re busy picking the “Best of DC” for your visit, you miss the little things happening (like Bastille Day happening Sat. 7/14/11). It’s always a good idea to check Going Out Gurus, Brightest Young Things, or your favorite events source to get something special for you visitor.

Following these 4 steps, we should have a pretty good weekend. But here are some other helpful Washington Post articles for figuring out what to do with your visitors.

So we’ll see what happens.

The Execution

A Run:

  • Lauren liked seeing DC from the street and connecting it in her head. 
  • Her tied Best Bet of the weekend.
  • Plus, we could make side stops to the National Botanical Gardens and Capitol.


  • Mixtape @ Town: My favorite dance party.
    • Lauren danced so hard she experienced a Dance Coma the following day.
  • Meridian Hill Drumming Circle: 3pm Sundays, FREE! 
    • Lauren just laid out on a bench and took in the groove as audible therapy.
    • Her tied Best Bet of the weekend.


Yet another successful weekend with my favorite traveling companion. =v)

And of Course, in my life there is always…

The Unexpected Section

A family member of Lauren and I’s (Aaron), took us to Old Town Alexandria in Virginia.

Old Town Alexandria

Usually people past their 20s live here after being done with the city life/pace.

  • Pros: Beauty that exceeds Georgetown, awesome main drag (King Street), more space, easier parking, cheaper food.
  • Cons: Distance from the city (some people see this as a good thing), touristy down on King Street & “gated community” feel where everything is assessed on how nice it is compared to it’s neighbor. 
Nevertheless, a great place to go out to dinner, dessert, or mossy on thru during a weekend.
The adventure continues…next week.

4 thoughts on “Visitor, NOT Tourist

  1. Yea DC has so much to offer that even living here you can’t try everything. Ah I really want to go to Eastern Market to try some delicious crepes :). Thats awesome that you stopped by Ted’s Bulletin, did you try their poplars?

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