Capitol Hill Part I: Barrack’s Row


Too Hot, Let’s Plop a Squat! With highs over 100 degress, I’m not going far. The perfect excuse to check out the social scene in my own backyard, Capitol Hill.


Barrack’s Row, museums, and good eats & a retreat to Baltimore with Nom Nom Boris!

The Plan

There are 2 entertainment strips in Capitol Hill:

H Street Corridor (Cap. Hill NE):

  • A “work in progress” dedicated to live music, dive bars, and a haven for hipsters.

Barrack’s Row (Cap. Hill SE)

  • An “old time” Main St. with good restaurants, unique bars (ex: Banana Piano Cafe, Phase 1 (popular lesbian bar)), and cupcakes!

I have lists for both (see my To Do List under “Capitol Hill”), but I know I won’t be able to do one completely (let alone both). We’ll see what ends up happening.

The Execution

Barrack’s Row:

I’ve been down to 8th St. SE a bunch for Capitol Hill Bikes and to hit both the Sweet Lobby & Hello Cupcake. By day, it’s a bustling part of the neighborhood. At night, it’s much calmer and a great place to kick back, spend a night with friends, or grab a drink…after the Nationals Game.

I started at , which was where I met Doug & Jenna (two Nationals fans celebrating a win after the game) who I spent the rest of the night listening to GREAT piano music, drinking Mojitos, and hitting two other bars in the neighborhood: Phase 1 & Remingtons.

  • Banana Cafe: the highlight of the night.
  • Phase 1 said Jenna was too drunk, so they didn’t let us in.
  • Remingtons: low key, maybe too low key. They teach line-dancing on Friday nights, but not many were struttin their stuff on a Saturday. 

Barrack’s Row also has some great restaurants, best best tasting cupcakes in DC (“Best of DC: Cupcakes” spoiler!), and obviously a few great bars. Undoubtedly, I will be back to spend another fun evening when I either:

A) Don’t want to venture too far from home

B) Want an alternative night scene than DuPont, Logan, or Downtown have to offer.


And of Course, in my life there is always…

The Unexpected Section




The adventure continues… next week.

4 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Part I: Barrack’s Row

  1. It was great hanging out with you and exploring National Aquarium in Baltimore. Paper Moon was amazing. So much crazy fun art 🙂 I’ve been to the other Phase 1 that opened in place of Apex. It was lots of fun 🙂

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