Best of DC: Parks

The Top 5 Parks in Washington DC. I’ve found myself visiting again and again.

5. Lincoln Park: this might seem like your average park at an intersection, but there is a unique community energy here unlike any park in the city.

  • HUGE destination for dogs. Owners often let dogs run free off of leashes.
  • Capitol Hill Kids: play on playgrounds, learn to ride bikes, and draw with sidewalk every single day.
  • Tons of flat grass for tanning
Fav. Activity Here: Tanning & people/pet watching.


4. Meridian Hill Park: surprises with each succeeding slope. Rec: start at top, and work your way down.

  • Beautiful park on a slope that feels right out of San Francisco.
  • Great water fountains.
  • Grassy field for Colombia Heights neighborhood soccer games.
Fav. Activity Here: Taking Pictures.


3. Georgetown Waterfront Park: The perfect sunny afternoon on the waterfront.

  • Rent Kayaks for the Potomac River.
  • Water fountain that you can cool off in.
  • Great views of city, people passing by on the river, and always a great breeze.
Fav. Activity Here: Reading/Eating on a Saturday afternoon.


2. The Yards Park: Remodeled last year, this park has been designed as a designation, and has become one.

Fav. Activity Here: Reading and walking the riverfront.


1. National Mall & Memorial Park & Rock Creek Park: There’s a reason people travel from around the world to experience the Monuments, Smithsonian Museums, and surround yourself in the roots of America. On the other hand, there’s something to be said about feeling completely isolated, free planetariums, and winding roads that make you feel like you’re in California. That’s why these two parks tie for 1st. What one lacks, the other has. Here are some unique advantages of both

  • National Mall
    • A global icon. That says something.
    • Can experience both day and night.
    • Other people’s experience (like watching veterans) enhances your own experience/appreciation.
  • Rock Creek Park
    • Beach Drive closed off on weekends for bikers.
    • Only National Park with a functioning Planetarium. FREE!
    • Vast enough to always be able to explore/find something new.

Any comments, agreements/disagreements honorable mentions you’d like to add?  Post them below.

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