Architecture, Aids Quilt, & Adams Morgan


If the 100+ degree weather doesn’t keep me homebound, I’m going to hit Embassy Row, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, & check out the Adam’s Morgan Neighborhood.


Storm hits DC, and I’m not talking about the severe weather that tore apart the city.

The Plan

  • Embassy Row, Massachusetts Ave NW (above Georgetown), is where many of the international embassies are located. After Rob’s visit last week, I’ve been enjoying seeing/talking about Architecture. I crave more!
  • The annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival is where the Aids Quilt will be returning to DC for it’s 25th Anniversary. Duration: June 27 – July 1 & July 4-8 2012 on the National Mall between the Smithsonian Museums . Tons to see & it’s all FREE!
  • Adams Morgan: Mixed reviews across the board.
    • Haters: “The armpit of the city for kids just-out-of-college” & a place to go when you don’t want to remember a night, “DC’s craziest nightlife neighbhorhood.”
    • Lovers: The “new” social scene of DC, the best energy in the city, & “catering to customers more interested in quality food and drinks than in Jagerbombs and hookups”
And with the Holiday weekend, I plan to continue to expand my Gay Bars/Club repertoire with a trip to Nellie’s & RAW @ Cobalt, hit another museum or two, and sample more cupcakes.The rest (per usual) will be in the unexpected section.


The Execution


Embassy Row will have to happen another time because I ended up lost (yet again),  my bike petal broke off my bike, and I ended up in Clinton Park (a neighborhood North of where I wanted to be).

Smithsonian Folklife Festival was well worth the price of admission (FREE!) and the scope of the Aids Quilt was unbelievably powerful. Here’s my favorite patch I saw. Click it to blow it up.

Adams Morgan is strangely a perfect mix of the reviews. If 3 Jump Slice pizza stands between 5 buildings doesn’t say “late night drunk party food” I don’t know what does. Strangely though, a few more doors down and you get the elegant late night coffee bar Tryst (which had the best frozen mocha I’ve ever had) and other classy food & spirits establishments or simply outstanding food, like Amsterdam Falafel Shop.

Pros: TrystAmsterdam Falafel Shop, Unique Bars that can’t be found anywhere else in the city, young 20s crowd.

Cons: Police everywhere, common fights in the streets, MiG Bar closed =v(.

It’s super unique, and I’m definitely a fan of Adams Morgan. Won’t go every weekend, but it’s a good option for night life.


And of course, I had to go dancing.

Gay Bars: Mova, Nellies. Both good for different reasons (click to see reviews).

Gay Clubs: Ziegfelds/Secrets with Jamie (an AWESOME  and fascinating guy) who’s lived in the area for years and knows the past/present gay scene very well. He wanted me to get an idea of the old sleazy gay scene that used to exist on Half St, and so recommended we go to Ziegfelds/Secrets (perfect after my 1st failed attempt). What resulted was a memorable night (to say the least).

RAW @ Cobalt: Ended up meeting people I could spend the whole night with, but was disappointed by the music. Not worth a special trip 4th Saturdays of the Month.

And of Course, in my life there is always…

The Unexpected Section

The adventure continues… tomorrow? Best week ever!

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