A potpourri of plans.

Fun Fact: I never spell “pope-pur-ee” correctly, or anything else for that matter.


Enveloped in the environments: Source Fest, Prometheus, Georgetown, Rock Creek Park.

The Plan 

Heading back to 14th St. NW for the Source Fest, a black-box theater festival that takes place at the Source Theater from June 8th-July 1st. Impressive line up of Full Length & 10 min. plays, as well as artistic blind dates (theater exp

eriences for your consideration).  Tix: $10-20. Planning on hittin Number Nine to add to my gay-bar repertoire afterwards. 

And since Capital Pride took over my last weekend, I haven’t seen Prometheus (2012) yet. Cheap tickets have led to me the AMC movie theater in Georgetown. Every show before noon is $6, and same for it’s cousin AMC Uptown. So my weekly venture brings me there. Will challenge the french brunch of Cafe Bonaparte, finally check out the DC cupcake scene with Baked & Wired, park hop (Book Hill & Montrose), and even visit the outragiously long staircase from The Exorcist (1973).

Plus, I have to admit, I planned to ride my bike through Rock Creek Park to get to Georgetown for a picnic last weekend, and passed my turn…

by 2 miles.

Rock Creek Park+ bike +planetarium +gorgeous scenery=redemption.

The Execution

Source Fest: Saw the opening of the 3rd full length play, The House Halfway : guests gather at Dandle House, overlooking the Caribbean, to partake in its unique service –to assist its guests in their suicides.

 Really made me think about my views on religion, life & death. All the actors gave great performances, the space was intimate, and definitely an ideal place to see black box theater or a theatrical festival of this sort. The Source gets the Ryan Burdick seal of approval.

And so does Number Nine. Simply classy.


  • Pros: Beauty, active residents (students, middle aged, and old), great parks & location (on Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, Potomac River, Hills), and lots of shops/restaurants to browse.
  • Cons: Hills make it difficult for biking, narrow streets/sidewalks, the pretention is palpable in the air, and everything is expensive.

 Nevertheless, EXTREMELY pretty college town perfect to spent a Saturday afternoon in.

AMC movie theater great for $6 shows (and to use the water fountain & bathroom if across the street at the Georgetown Waterfront Park).

Side note: Prometheus totally lived up to my expectation.

Cafe Bonaparte: perfect example of Georgetown. Great atmosphere, good food, but not $22 great.

Baked & Wired: One bite and I see why cupcakes are a big deal in DC.  So I’ll be doing a “Best of DC” post of the DC cupcake scene. Reviews will come after I try 5 places.

Park Hoppin: Skip Book Hill (it’s a hill with the public library on top). Montrose may seem basic, but venture back to it’s hiking trails. Very serine. The show stealer was the unanticipated Georgetown Waterfront Park. Water fountain to play in, nice paved paths, and a ledge perfect to read a book while watching kayakers pass on the Potomac. As with cupcakes, I realized I’m going to have to do  “Best of DC” post on Parks.

Upcoming Adventure: Georgetown entusiasts have raved about Dumbarton Oaks Gardens. For $8, I was a skeptic (espcially because all parks above are free.

Cheapo lifestyle, I see you!

After a local at Number Nine said the same thing, and I rode past it (and found out students pay $5) I will be back.

And my favorite part of Georgetown: The Stairs from the Exorcist! Strange thing is now it’s a hotbed for working out.

Guess exorcism and exercise go well together. 

Rock Creek Park

Spolier for the upcoming “Best of DC: Parks” post, this is my favorite park.

  • Size: HUGE! Literally feel like you’re in a different part of the country when you’re here.
  • Paths: Abundant. Winding. Smooth.
  • Scenery: Everything from gorgeous tricking streams, to dense wooded areas.
  • Special Features:
    • Planetarium: Free. 4pm on Saturdays & Sundays. Best planetarium show I’ve seen (because it’s personalized to the audience). Show about 45 minutes.
      • Ryan Tip: Sit as close to the entrance door as possible for best viewing.
    • Seems to have EVERYTHING: Picnic areas, tennis courts, exercise stations, horse back riding.

And of Course, in my life there is always…

The Unexpected Section

  • Got to get a campus tour of Georgetown University. To do so call (202) 687-3600. They’ll let you join a group, but know they have very few tours on weekends in the summer. Saturday, they have 2: one at 10:35am, another at 11:45am. That’s it. Georgetown Fail. Tours last about an hour, and was well worth even poppin in for a 1/2 hour (like I did).
  • Georgetown Waterfront Park.
  • Met up with a fellow Feast of Fun podcast listener (Zach) at Duplex Diner. Really liked the vibe. Plan to go for 1/2 off Mondays (everything that starts with an “M” on the menu is 1/2 off). 
  • Went with my housemates (Antonio & Ricardo) to McFadden’s Restaurant & Saloon, and will not be going back. Yelp, per usual, is right. 
The adventure continues…
I have a few questions:
  1. Are these posts too long? Should I break them into two posts (a before and an after). Or do they work?
  2. What would you like to see as a preview? I’ve been trying different things, and like what I did for this post (with the Before and After up top, and then a Plan and Execution.
  3. What do you think of a little neighborhood review (like the Georgetown Section)? Helpful/Not helpful?
  4. I would love to meet up with people who want to do what I’m doing (based on the “Plan” for the weekend). Are you in (or would be if you were in the DMV area)?

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