The “D” in DC stands for DuPont & Dance!


Making up for lost time after my failure last weekend to check out the club scene. This is the perfect weekend to do it too because it happens to be Capital Pride Weekend.

You betta work!

There is so much going on that I’m sure I’ll end up somewhere in DuPont Circle dancing the night away. But why leave that to chance?

Latino Pride is Thurs. 6/7/12, 8pm, Town Danceboutique, $5 donation.

Mixtape: Sat. 6/9/12, 9:30pm, The Black Cat, $10. SO EXCITED for this because it’s a venue hoppin dance party (squeals of joy) that takes place the 2nd Saturday of every month at different clubs. How is that not the coolest thing you’ve ever heard?

Pride Parade: Sat. 6/9/12, 4:30pm, Pride Parade, Map.

Capitol Pride Festival: Sun. 6/10/12, 11am-6pm, Map.

And if that’s not ambitious enough, I also plan to put this food truck hype to the test with Truckeroo food truck festival. Truckeroo is the 1st Friday of every month between June-October, 11am-11pm, at the corner of Half St. and M St., SE. And where there’s food, there is Nom Nom Boris.

Comment below if you want to join me, or else I’ll see you on the floor.


The “D” in DC really does stand for DuPont & Dance.

Town for Latino Pride: AWESOME club. Great areas for dancing, but also a great lounge to cool down and talk to someone you might want to get to know a little more. And of course, if there are Latinos, it only gets better (or Latin music). Pair both, and it’s a night to be remembered.

Mixtape at The Black Cat: THE BEST dance party I’ve ever been to (coming from a Raver, that’s HUGE). If you have not been to this venue hopping masterpiece, you know what you’ll be doing the next 2nd Saturday of the month. Great variety of music, people, and DANCING!

Pride Parade: I love the local groups, the water gun shareds, and the chants for beads to be thrown their way. It’s great to celebrate the varieties of sexual orientations, and not be afraid to take it a little to far. I totally support all that and am so grateful to be living in an age when a parade like this can exist to this size and magnitude.


(I’m about to be voted out of the community for this one) I thought the parade was too llllloooooonnnnngggg. If it were an hour, maybe an hour and change, I’d be very happy (maybe even wanting a float or two more). But after 2 hours (and still going) I decided to bike back and take a disco nap before hitting Mixtape.

Capitol Pride Festival: No surprises there, just a great little street fest to wave your rainbow flag in the air with the stunning backdrop of the capitol building. Definitely worth the walk through for an hour or two.

Truckeroo: Food trucks live up to the hype. Add a festival ground to house the 4 wheeled wonders, extended hours (until 11pm), and a perfect summer evening, and you have yourself a food-venture. Best of: Hula Girl. $10 gets ya Teriyaki Steak, 2 scoops of white rice, and a clump of lettuce. Yes!

And of Course, in my life there is always…

The Unexpected Section

1st & Formost: DC night life is in full swing by 11pm. In Michigan, I’m used to that taking at least to 12am (+1 for DC). The reason, because the Metro stops running at Midnight Mon.-Thurs. & 3am Fri-Sat. Busses usually make their last trip around 2:30am. So that means people get out earlier, and leave sooner to.

I personally LOVE THIS.

Bike Bar/Club Hopping: Favorite thing to do in DC because everything is SO CLOSE! So I was able to hit Truckeroo, ride up to The Green Lantern, and hit Cobalt all in one night. What this means: Nothing is going to stop me from a good time (except maybe rain (Ziegfeld’s/Secrets fail)).

  • Green Lantern: I REALLY like this bar. It has a very laid back atmosphere, really nice bar tenders that you can easily chat an evening away with, and just interesting people in general.
    • Notes:
      • It’s located in an ally off Thomas Circle, so it’s difficult to find. I think that makes it cooler. 
      • I do like hanging out with people older than myself (21), but I know that’s not everyone’s thing. That’s the general clientele on a Friday.
  • Colbalt: Crazy club in DuPont circle. Many little nooks and crannies to explore, interesting people to meet, and of course plenty of dancing. Enjoyed the age group (21-late 20s) and the remixed top 40s blasting up-up stairs.

Good Eats:

The adventure continues…next week.

3 thoughts on “The “D” in DC stands for DuPont & Dance!

  1. I love the song @ the end Ryan, nice touch. Plz dance 4 me! I wish I was there with ya. Glad u r so excited tho. BACK IT UP LIKE A TONKA TRUCK!


  2. Great article Rayan. I’m glad you had fun and we got to hang out and get some free bids hahah. I agree with you that Parade was way too long!!! I think next time I will just leave half way through it. I think that is why we were so tired. I will join you on the next mixtape event 🙂

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