Squared Away, Right Away

Your (noun) is exhausted after (verb) your way to DC and all you want to do is (action). Beyond grocery shopping, not getting lost in your neighborhood, and the mass transit system, here are a couple of helpful things to get squared away right away. 

SmarTrip Metro Card: If you’ll be bus hoppin & rail hoppin to get to work everyday, you can save a few quarters by getting a SmarTrip card. It makes Bus to Bus transfers free, Bus to Rail $.50 cents cheaper, and can cause spontaneously kitten combustion if you rub it against a kitten’s  fur (spontaneous combustion not guaranteed.) Here are more advantages.  Cost of card: $5.

If you’re going to be taking the Metro a lot for a specific day, it’s better to just buy an unlimited day pass for $9.

DC Public Library Card: Girl, check this out like you check out your boyfriend. Just bring a form of traceable ID (drivers license, apartment lease, bill) & and email address and they will hook you up.

DC Parks & Rec/Fitness Centers: I want a gym for the summer, but I don’t want to pay $90 to do squats. Try checking out DC Parks and Recs Recreation Facilities. These include fitness centers, pools, and tennis courts. Month fitness memberships are $25 for residents, $32 for non-residents. Interns, give them your address, and you count as a resident. Hey~!

Personally, I can’t live without my bicycle in the beautiful summer months, so I recommend getting a bike too. Of course, part of my cheapo lifestyle, bikes ain’t cheap. So I brought mine on the Amtrack. For $15 they gave me a “bike box” to put it in, and charged $5 to check it. $20 is well worth a self propelling form of transportation.
Hope that helps get you settled, and welcome to the most powerful city in America.

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