Put to the Test: Midnight Madness & Dancing


Arriving, and hitting the road running.

Kicking off the 1st weekend with two of my favorite things: dancing and midnight movies.

Trying out Ziegfeld’s/Secrets for Capital Pride’s Men’s Party ( 6/1, 9PM-3AM) and then Midnight Madness at E Street Cinema for Clue (1985) (6/2,11:59PM).

Let’s see what this city is about.


So Ziegfeld’s/Secrets ended up being me getting caught in a downpour on my bike next to a trapeze school.

Good News: stumbled upon the Yards Park (new fav. park in DC). Feel free to wade into the water feature (especially if you’re already soaking wet).

Bad News: Ziegfeld’s/Secrets will have to be done some other time.

BUT E Street Cinema‘s Midnight Movie of Clue exceeded my expectations.

  1. You can buy tix ahead of time. (My midnight home, the State Theater in Ann Arbor, MI usually starts selling them 1/2 in advanced).
  2. Student ID reduced the cost to $9.
  3. You can show up 15 minutes before the movie starts and have PLENTY of time to get seated.
  4. They start the movie (w/o previews) right at Midnight so you can catch the Metro home.
And special shout out to the group that dressed up as every character from Clue & knew every line (represent!). Will definitely be returning to Midnight Madness for more.
And of Course, in my life there is always…
The Unexpected Section
Got to finally meet local food blogger Nom Nom Boris and hang with him all weekend. He introduced me to:
  • Artomatic: Artists take over a condemned/abandoned  building  for a month to display art. Afterwards, they knock it down.
  • Roy’s Place: One meal, 220(+) sandwiches, endless possibilities.

Being the first of my weekly ventures, let me know how the Before/After format works and/or any suggestions.

The adventure continues…next week.

7 thoughts on “Put to the Test: Midnight Madness & Dancing

  1. I like the before & after format! Can’t wait to read more in the future, I know you’ll find the best the city has to offer 🙂

  2. I love the format Ryan, very cool. And your writing style is stellar. I love being able to see what you’re doing and hear about everything. Very cool.

    Much love,

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