Ryan Burdick’s “DC To Do List”

Where to even start?

That was actually a hard question when I found out at the beginning of May that in 1 month I would be moving to D.C. for the Summer.

Fortunately, I’ve done a bunch of Google searching, blog scouring, and Yelping (naturally). I have to say, there is a lot to do in D.C. during the summer months, but was shocked that there weren’t countless recollections from interns in the blogosphere to hook me up.

So my attempt is to make your (yes, the attractive person reading these words on your preferred type of screen) life easier by providing sources, experiences & lessons learned (see my About page).

Before arriving, EXTREMELY helpful resources:

Washington.org  for the “100 Free (or Cheapo) Things to Do in DC”, Summer Festivals, and good ideas in general

Washington Post (especially Going out Gurus) for neighborhood guides, deals

Metro Weekly (gay/lesbian mag.) for drink specials, best nights for bars/clubs/restaurants, and gay social events/groups

Yelp for restaurant, club, nightlife, and food reviews.

The result was this sprawling 4 page Open Office Text Document:

Ryan Burdick’s DC To Do List.

Will I get this all done in 1 summer? Not a chance! But it should give you a good place to start if you’re looking for comedy, movie theaters and free shows at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage (Thursday nights, heeeey~).

7 thoughts on “Ryan Burdick’s “DC To Do List”

  1. Good wrap up! I look forward to having you tell me stuff about DC I don’t know (which is probably a lot). My favorite gay bar in the city (okay, the only one I ever go to) is Nelly’s Sports Bar…that place is hopping and fun. But you probably knew that already…

  2. I can’t help but wonder, after only one week, will our Ryan EVER return? 😦 Life in D.C. is sooooo awesome!! I’m envious, Ry, but thanx for letting all of us live it thru you!
    Aunt Dorothy

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